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Author feminist, brave, courageous, sometimes outrageous!

I was born in London in 1947 the Post War Baby Boom years. I moved to Manchester in 1965 to study Hotel Management and have made the city my home ever since. It has all the things I need in life near at hand from a vibrant City Centre with theatre, concerts and shops but also easy access to wonderful countryside for walking.

After studying I worked in catering and adult education before establishing a mobile communications business.

Returning from my sailing adventures related in my book “LIGHT THE BLUE TOUCH PAPER – a woman’s adventures at sea” I trained as an adviser working for Broadcast Support Services and as a volunteer at Citizens Advice and Women’s Domestic Abuse Helpline . I served as a Magistrate at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court for 12 years.

I am passionate about hill walking and classical music, and have volunteered as a Front of House steward at the Bridgewater Hall since 2006.

I have now finished my second book about learning to fly, leading to a Private Pilot’s Licence.

My next adventure was booked for August 2021, but unfortunately, due to Covid, is now postponed to August 2022.  I will be sailing for 3 weeks on the Tall Ship Tenacious from Falmouth to Lisbon as part of the Tall Ships Race.


This pile of books shows some of my favourite books which influenced me. I have always been a feminist and my books demonstrate this. My first book was mainly aimed at women to encourage them to Light Their Own Blue Touch Paper and take a chance in life.


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